Who is Billie Th3 Kid......

James aka Billie Th3 Kid, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles California. As a kid I was brought up in church and this is where I was first introduced to the camera. Time moved on and as I got older I started to hangout with the wrong crowd so we moved away from the neighborhood. Decisions I made eventually lead me to be exposed to drugs at an early age, which sent me on a downward path of destruction. And just like that I was an addict living my life the wrong way.
In 2009 I became clean but my past had caught up to me, I was arrested and had to serve my time for the crimes I committed. Instead of reverting back to drugs I was able to stay clean and proud to say I am drug-free to this day,
My photos are a mixture of my lifestyle that I lived then and now, photos influenced from my church, from the streets, from addicts and things I've been around my whole life.